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Cosmos Bungalows

 Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi


 Our charming hotel consists of various wooden bungalows designed to suit a variety of budgets and groups. The simple, yet tasteful natural design blends effortlessly with the surrounding jungle and cliffside setting. Overlooking an amazing azure bay, we make the perfect accommodation choice when visiting Tanjung Bira.

Why choose us?

Firstly, we are one of the cheapest options in the area. Sure, you can find newer imitations along the beach…but why pay double or triple the amount? Our ensuite rooms provide everything a guest needs whilst visiting a stunning beach setting. Cleanliness, comfort, peace and quiet, direct access to the ocean, delicious food and attentive staff.

Secondly, we are flexible with your group sizes. Our variety of room styles allow for larger groups to stay and enjoy the gorgeous setting. With a family room that can sleep up to eight guests, and other large garden rooms where extra beds can be added, we do our best to accommodate the requests of our customers.

We are very proud to host guests from all corners of the globe….and all corners of Indonesia too! So if you wish to make friends with other happy travellers then make us your number one choice. We also offer plenty of space for those who wish to have a more personal, private experience with a loved one.

Don’t take our word for it though. See what our past guests have thought about Cosmos Bungalows in Tanjung Bira by clicking on the icon below…

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