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Being a small venture ourselves, we appreciate the dedication and hard work other people put into their own businesses. We also believe it is important to support one another wherever possible, and in this section of our website we aim to promote awareness to like-minded people and their exciting ventures.

Support Team Podstel and let their wisdom support YOU


Cosmos Bungalows cannot stress enough how important it is for you – as a traveller and free spirit – to follow this unique group of people on their journey to success.

Adopting unconventional means of travel, embracing as many new cultures and ideas as possible, whilst spreading kindness and positivity along the way is how we all should aspire to explore this wonderful world of ours.

Taken from their inspiring travel website:

Podstel believes that the real purpose of life is to EXPERIENCE. Podstel wants to empower more people to embrace fear and live a life that’s congruent to their passions and true desires. To Podstel this means teaching more people how to explore their passions and create a lifestyle, while simultaneously travelling. 

Podstel’s Philosophy:

  • Podstel believes that travelling contributes to the maturity, education, and creativity of the open-minded traveler.
  • Podstel advocates non-conformity, freedom, and the creation of a self-sufficient life for all those who desire it.
  • Podstel believes that people should love what they do and do what they love.
  • Podstel believes that people are shaped by their experiences, not their material possessions.
  • Podstel believes that meaningful connections are best created in person.
  • Podstel believes that teamwork and collaboration produces the best results.

The group are currently on a fascinating tour through Europe, with the ultimate aim of creating the worlds first CrowdSourced Hostel for Creative Nomads.


Check these guys out, and watch on as they make their dreams a reality. The information and encouragement for you to do the same is on

If you are able to invest in the Podstel project then please support them as much as you can.

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Marine researchers take note… Coral Eye @ Bangka Island is the place to be….

Cosmos Bungalows is very proud to connect with a wonderful Marine research facility located in the north of Sulawesi.


The team at Coral Eye are passionate about their project and have produced a fantastic facility for study groups, experts and all round ocean lovers to come together and enhance their shared understanding of nearby reefs.

Perfect for universities and conservationists.

Check them out at

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Attention all you romantics planning on tying the knot…..


Are you planning a wedding in the Lakes? Need all the help you can get looking all gorgeous for the big day? Look no further than the talented Anna Sorbie.

For all your beautification needs, check out Anna’s website.

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Adventure on the high seas! Pirates Bay Cruising


Explore Indonesia’s stunning islands and diving spots by sea with the wonderful Pirates Bay. This excellently run company can arrange trips for divers and non-divers, visiting some of the most beautiful locations the archipelago has to offer.

Visit their website

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