Chaos in Hanoi!

Check out Craig’s adventures and beautiful photos of Hanoi…
We hope it inspires more people to get out there and explore the world

"La belle vie"

Yep we survived the mad city that is Hanoi!

No matter what people tell you, or what you research about this crazy city, i don’t think anything will ever prepare you for the madness you will step into! 

After another eventful few hours in another airport (Hanoi), we managed to leave $90 down and all queued out. But we were free and excited to get going! A 40 minute taxi drive later and a panic stricken conversation between phoebe and I on wether the taxi meter was reading Dollar or Dong we arrived at our hostel luckily paying the Dong not the Dollar!


So we dropped our bags off at the kangaroo hostel and headed out into the streets to find some food. After about an hour of wandering around clueless to where we were going, a generous tuk tuk man offered us a ride to the a decent restaurant. After haggling him…

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