An appeal for those looking for a worthy cause to donate to this Christmas

Sticking it out there again hoping that someone may want to help our pack of hungry animals…

Cosmos Bungalows Bira


So, the time has come to admit we are a little out of our depth. Not with the business… that’s a piece of piss (please don’t let that cockiness come back to haunt me). But with our growing number of animals.
Yesterday was probably our shittest day in Indonesia. Unfortunately one of the newest recruits to Cosmos’ zoo of waifs and strays – a tiny tabby kitten named Arsenal – got too close to our dog Django whilst he was eating. For some reason, most likely a survival instinct from days in the jungle fending for himself, Django went for Arsenal in an unprecedented attack and shook the poor little bugger in his jaws.
Brave Arsenal battled on, in a state of complete shock, for almost ten hours until his little body could no longer deal with the trauma. He died in our bed at two am Saturday and…

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