An appeal for those looking for a worthy cause to donate to this Christmas


So, the time has come to admit we are a little out of our depth. Not with the business… that’s a piece of piss (please don’t let that cockiness come back to haunt me). But with our growing number of animals.
Yesterday was probably our shittest day in Indonesia. Unfortunately one of the newest recruits to Cosmos’ zoo of waifs and strays – a tiny tabby kitten named Arsenal – got too close to our dog Django whilst he was eating. For some reason, most likely a survival instinct from days in the jungle fending for himself, Django went for Arsenal in an unprecedented attack and shook the poor little bugger in his jaws.
Brave Arsenal battled on, in a state of complete shock, for almost ten hours until his little body could no longer deal with the trauma. He died in our bed at two am Saturday and we subsequently buried him on the beach shortly after.

Although I am mad as hell at Django for snapping, we admit that they should never have been anywhere near each other when food was around. Because all our rescued animals are so peaceful and happy together most of the time we became lax and naive, and sadly Arsenal paid the price.
We need help. We simply cannot afford to create safe zones for our pets, whilst at the same time stumping up for vets and medical fee’s for all the animals that get dumped on our doorstep (In the past two days three ginger kittens, covered in scabs and fleas were thrown in our land. Either that or they happened to collapse in the most sympathetic plot of earth in South Sulawesi. The former I imagine.)
We cannot turn a blind eye like we probably should. We are in a position to help these poor buggers (sort of) and are trying our hardest to do so….even if it could potentially have negative effects on our business in the future;
Ten cats can produce a whole lot of shit.

Please, please help the management at Cosmos in bettering and prolonging these animals’ lives. Not only do we need to get the females spayed at the nearest vets five hours drive away, we also need to build a safe living environment for the cats. One which removes them from the risk of pythons, lizards and also our otherwise placid dog, who has really shown us in the past few hours how ingrained his instincts are and how stupid we were to think our love and affection would make him act otherwise when hungry.

A paypal account is available to donate. You would be making Tika, Medusa, Princess, Warrior, Anita, Alien, Andrew, Ragdoll, Foxy, Blister and the knobhead Django very happy indeed.

paypal email

Thanks in advance. Please SHARE this post on your timeline.

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