Top 10 Dive Bars in NYC

Fantastic article. I would try my best to visit every bar if heading to NY


New York City is known to drive up their drink prices to ridiculous heights (I bitterly paid $14 for a Stella last weekend…really?).  Fortunately though, the city is full of sticky, oddball, and sometimes questionable (but fun!) dive bars that have affordable drinks and free/cheap bar food. 

1.  Crocodile Lounge – Craft beers, photo booth, skee ball, and free pizza.  Beer’s range from $3-5, drinks a few dollars more.  With every drink you’ll get a blue ticket which can be exchanged for a free pizza.  Pizza is decent (after a few drinks).

325 E 14th St, New York, NY

2.  Alligator Lounge – Brooklyn’s version of Crocodile Lounge.  Free pizza, affordable drinks, karaoke, trivia, photo booth, bingo, live DJ’s, and of course, cheap drinks.

600 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

3.  169 Bar –  Definitely wins the award for dive bar with the most character (pirate/island/dinosaur themed decor, soap…

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